Maintenance Checklist

Spring and Summer

Check Coils (Condenser and Evaporator)

Check Airflow (FAN and Blower Motor)

Lubricate Moving Parts/ Check Belts and Pulleys

Inspect Thermostat, Drain Lines and Pans

Check Electrical Connections, and Refrigerant Charge

Replace Filters


Winter and Fall

Inspect Belts, Pulleys and Pans

Inspect Thermostats and Heat Exchanger

Check Fan, Blowers, Ignition, & Burner Assembly

Replace Filters

Check Electrical Connections

Lubricate Moving Parts


Maintenance and Cleanliness

Before considering any major changes to HVAC systems, filtration, or other mitigation technology, the first thing all buildings should do is review their mechanical maintenance and cleaning procedures. Make sure that your air filters are being replaced on a consistent basis. Routine maintenance should be more frequent and should regularly include an inspection of the cleanliness of the system’s entire air path. If your building has been at low or no-occupancy for the past few months, include an indoor air quality (IAQ) analysis in your transition plans. Transition periods are also ideal times to thoroughly clean air ducts and vents.


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